Organizers & Allies has extended the deadline for their Rolling & Responsive Minigrant program until 5 pm on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015.

The program is designed to be easy, accessible and ongoing with a quick turnaround in order to respond to community-driven projects with short-term financial needs. If you have an idea ee below for details, and links for the application, and final report.

Organizers & Allies (O&A) is a working committee of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, and supports the professional practice of community organizing to build relationships and grow new leaders as the foundation of community development. It grew out of a long-running brown-bag lunch series hosted by CNDC. O&A meets on the first Thursday of most months for networking luncheons and as needed for capacity building opportunities. Email with questions and for the meeting schedule.

Microgrant Fast Facts

  • The maximum amount of the grant is $250.
  • Funds must be spent within 4 months of being awarded.
  • A small final report is required, including pictures.
  • The O&A microgrant committee will review the applications recommend awardees.
  • Decisions will be made by the 3rd week of each application month.
  • CNP will mail a check to the fiscal agent at the end of the month, for a turnaround of 1 month application to funding.

Purpose and eligibility

We’re looking for projects that allow people to work together and have an immediate, positive impact on the community.

  • Must be used for a project that benefit a community.
  • Be planned by a group of residents (however ad hoc), not one single leader.
  • Applications must be made in partnership with a nonprofit fiscal agent. No grants will be awarded to individuals.


Applications will be due by 5 pm the first Thursday of the month (O&A Meeting Day) of every odd month:

  • January 15
  • March 5
  • May 7
  • July 2
  • September 3
  • November 5


RR Grant Application

Fiscal Agent Agreement

Info sheet

Final Report Form