Youth Leadership Cleveland (YLC) is a series of uniquely designed youth leadership development workshops that empower youth with knowledge of self, skill and voice by exploring their personal values, service learning and college readiness.

The Institute has facilitated YLC since 2009 in partnership with Mayor Frank Jackson and the City of Cleveland Recreation Department. Each of the 21 rec centers select 5 of their best and brightest young citizens to participate, for an annual cohort of 110 youth.

The curriculum is based on the core tenets of the program: Personal Values, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution, and aims to create the conditions for the youth to use these skills.

The youth build their personal capacity for leadership and are then engaged as citizen-facilitators to find and create opportunities to put that leadership into meaningful action. Leadership opportunities include the making of public art; conducting peer-to-peer training sessions in the community; and service learning projects that help develop each participant’s sense of themselves as integral to the community.

For information, contact Blair Wise at (216) 658-1360 or