“MyCom is a bridge that not only brings the community together, but also connects youth with a voice,” states 18 years old Radiance Williams who graduated in the top 5 of her class at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School. Radiance is a freshmen studying Business Administration at Notre Dame College on a full academic scholarship.

Radiance was introduced to the MyCom network through the Future Leaders of the World (FLOW) program facilitated by Neighborhood Leadership Institute (the Institute). FLOW challenges youth to be active participants in political processes; learning civics through active engagement in democratic activities outside the classroom, with the belief that schools, neighborhoods and cities can be transformed by their insight and expertise. When asked what MyCom is to her, Radiance responds, “A voice that speaks volumes literally and through actions. The program has benefited me by positioning me to build connections and network with all types of people. In addition, I have grown and learned more through the FLOW program such as: strengthening my leadership skills and becoming a Published author, co-authoring “Out of the Mouths of Babes Volume II.”

Radiance says, “One major highlight of FLOW is when I was sitting at our session and we had a conversation on police brutality & Donté Gibbs, Youth Engagement Director at the Institute asked the question, “Who in this room would go out and protest police brutality?” Everyone answered yes, except me.” After being questioned by her peers, Radiance responded, “Being a part of MyCom has taught me that even I can stand alone and be okay. I can make a difference and I do not have to follow the crowd.”

Radiance recently served as a facilitator for the 3rd Annual Youth Solutions Congress and guest speaker to current FLOW youth. She plans to stay involved in MyCom programming and events.

Overall, through her growth and personal development, Radiance states, “I just want to say thanks to everyone who helps sponsor MyCom and its programs. Youth really do benefit from the programs via that be the food or the actual experience. I appreciate it and I know they do also.” She plans to attend law school and pursue her Doctorate’s degree in law.