Neighborhood Leadership Institue | Community Engagement
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Community Engagement

Building Leaders from the Ground Up

Neighborhood Leadership Institute provides leadership training, resources and development to individuals in Greater Cleveland’s diverse communities. We take pride in elevating an individual’s natural leadership talent. Together we share a common goal—to improve and positively impact our communities through courageous leadership, collective ownership, empowerment, inclusion and accountability.

Neighborhood Leadership Institute partners with agencies and institutions to engage ordinary citizens in change initiatives and to strengthen and emerging leaders within their communities with targeted trainings.

Community engagement & facilitation
The Institute partners with agencies interested in collecting authentic, feedback from community stakeholders. Our extensive alumni network helps promote participation, and select alumni trained in facilitation guide the process under staff direction.

One such initiative is the Infant Mortality Workgroup in partnership with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Meetings were held in the Lee-Harvard neighborhood and City of Warrensville Heights to raise awareness and collect feedback around keeping babies safe through their first birthday.

Training the Engagers
 The Institute understands the power of authentic community engagement and has a long track record of success in transferring this knowledge and facilitating groups to consensus. We work with community partners to train staff and stakeholders in how to deeply engage the perspectives, gifts and assets of their target audiences.

For more information about facilitation services and community-specific trainings, contact Michelle Broome by phone, 216-658-1358 or email,