Neighborhood Leadership Institue | True2U Mentoring – How it works
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True2U Mentoring – How it works

APPLY TODAY! We are recruiting True2U mentors now for the 2023/2024 school year! Here is the APPLICATION LINK!

For more information about being a True2U mentor, contact Laura, Caroline or Terrence by phone at 216-812-8700 or send them an email.

About the True2U program…

True2U is the hands-on volunteer mentoring program that helps CMSD 8th graders explore their true selves and prepare to make the most of high school as an important step on the path to career readiness. 

As a True2U Volunteer Mentor with PACE, you can help students:

  • Develop good decision-making skills
  • Leverage their strengths and interests as they start out on their paths to high school, college, and/or career choices

True2U Volunteer Mentors:

  • Work with a class of 8th-grade students (Approximately 18 – 30 students)
  • Lead 7 two-hour sessions (one morning a month during the school day from October 2023 – April 20)
  • Meet with students at CMSD schools (The exact days/times of the mentoring sessions will be determined in coordination with each school)
  • Use their unique backgrounds and PACE curriculum to assist a class of 8th graders
  • Help students to have a better understanding of themselves and the opportunities available to them
  • Are matched with a mentor partner and an 8th-grade class at one of the 63 K-8 schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • During their regularly scheduled mentoring time, meet with a class of 7th graders at their assigned schools twice during the school year.

True2U Mentor Support:

Mentor trainings focused on facilitation and the True2U curriculum

  • Welcome Orientation is provided prior to the start of the program
  • Detailed Curriculum Guide and Student Tracker; Integrates student and mentor pre-work, online assessments, and in-school sessions and includes tips for fostering student engagement
  • School, Teacher, and Mentor Conference on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 5th to get acquainted with school staff and logistics
  • Optional Curriculum Training is provided prior to each session (recorded for convenient on-demand viewing as well)
  • Mentors are matched with another volunteer to co-facilitate and support each other throughout the program
  • Mentor Feedback Surveys after each session for continuous improvement or program
  • Materials for each session are provided and kept at each school
  • Dedicated and passionate program staff

Our goal is for our mentors to have a rewarding and successful experience.

What are the responsibilities of a True2U Volunteer Mentor?

  • Belief in the mission of the program
  • Commitment to being open-minded, and share your experiences with students
  • Be prepared: Mark program and training dates in your calendar, Attend or view Curriculum Trainings, Check-in with mentor partner(s), Review session curriculum prior to each session and complete pre-work
  • Arrive at the school 15 minutes before the start of each session
  • Provide session feedback
  • Enjoy your experience with your students!


  • Complete Screening: New Mentor Interview, Background Check, Abuse Awareness Training
  • Matched with a partner, school, and class of 8th graders
  • Attend one of the Welcome Orientation dates (TBD)
  • Attend the School, Teacher, and Mentor Conference on Thursday, Oct. 5th
  • Attend Curriculum Training sessions (week prior to each session)
  • Attend in-school sessions when scheduled: 2023-2024 Program calendar will be available soon

If you would like to join us as a True2U Volunteer Mentor, please use the link on the left sidebar to apply today and we will contact you with the next steps.

If you are a returning mentor and not sure if you need to complete the online application or if you would like to further discuss the program and this volunteer opportunity, please contact Laura Huffman at

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